Armstrongs Reblocking provides stress-free restumping and reblocking services. We will provide free quotes and advice, organise all building permits, and a fully insured, fully qualified carpenter using the latest technology will see the job from start to finish to get your house level.

Our services:

  • Restumping or Reblocking
  • Levelling
  • Sub-floor replacement
  • Sub-floor installation for extensions
  • Residential and Commercial work
  • Arrangement of building permits
  • Fully insured
  • Free Quotes & Advice
  • No job to small or large


Common signs that your house needs reblocking, restumping or underpinning are:

  • Sloping floors
  • Bouncy floors
  • Cracks in plaster or brickwork
  • Doors not closing properly
  • Gaps between doors and windows and their frames
  • Doors and windows not sliding properly
  • Wooden stumps rotted, decayed or deteriorating.


So what is reblocking or restumping?

Restumping is the replacement of rotten or defective stumps and re-levelling of your house. Wooden stumps have a life expectancy of 40 years, but this can be greatly reduced by moisture levels and many other factors. We only use the highest quality concrete stumps, built to withstand the elements.

We use professional pressurised water levels to make sure your house is back to level, and all work is carried out by a fully qualified carpenter and inspected by a building inspector.

Reblocking and Restumping in Colac

We are Geelong based Restumping business but regularly service Colac and surrounding areas with Restumping and Reblocking.

Warrnambool Restumping and Reblocking

As well as Restumping in Colac, we also service right through to Warrnambool. If you are in any area between Warnnambool and Geelong and your house needs restumping or reblocking, contact us and we will discuss your options.