How do I know if my house needs restumping?

Common signs that your house needs restumping or reblocking is if you have:

  • Sloping floors
  • Bouncy floors
  • Cracks in plaster or brickwork
  • Doors not closing properly
  • Gaps between doors and windows and their frames
  • Doors and windows not sliding properly
  • Wooden stumps rotted, decayed or deteriorating.

If you think your house needs restumping contact us and we can provide you with free advice.


Will there be any damage to my house when you re-level it?

We use our 20+ years experience, and expert practices to raise your house to the correct level whilst minimising the damage. Unfortunately, in some houses damage to the walls are inevitable as we are moving the whole structure of the house. Correctly reblocking a house mean you can stop the ongoing damage caused by a moving house.


How much will it cost to get my house restumped?

Each house, location and soil type require individual assessment and treatment to obtain the highest quality finish for your house, so contact us to get a quote.


How long does it take to restump a house?

It generally takes around 5 days to restump the house.


Do I need to move out whilst you restump my house?

Generally not. Nearly all houses do not require you to move out whilst we reblock your house. If it is needed, we will always advise you before we start work.


What about council permits?

Armstrongs Reblocking organises all the necessary permits, as well as the building inspections.


What type of stumps do you use?

Concrete stumps. We spend most of our time removing rotten wooden stumps. We only use the highest quality concrete stumps that do not rot like wood, and are built to withstand the elements.

Where do you service?

We are a Geelong Restumping Business but regularly travel across Western Victoria to restump or level houses. We service Colac, the Otways, Warrnambool and the surrounding areas. If you aren’t sure whether we service your area, just ask us.